FAQ & Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How long does it take to complete a micro-challenge?
A1. Each micro-challenge should take around 15-20 minutes to complete.

Q2. Why is my VM console slow/laggy?
A2. Try Cyber is a latency sensitive web application. You are likely to have a slow or laggy VM console experience if you are on a device connected to the internet via:

  • WiFi with a poor signal
  • A VPN, satellite, or cell network
  • A congested or unstable network
  • A connection with less than 15/5 Mbps (download/upload speed)
  • A connection with more than 200ms of latency from our datacenter located in Central US

Q3. Why can't I copy/paste into/out of the VM console?
A3. Try Cyber VM consoles do not support copy/paste.

Q4. Why am I getting a warning message about my screen resolution not being supported?
A4. The Try Cyber Challenge Workspace needs to comfortably fit a VM console, the task list, and the main panel (a tabbed panel that includes an information tab, chat interface, and, in some challenges, a report form). We suggest you maximize or full-screen your browser to give it ample space.

The Try Cyber Challenge Workspace requires an effective minimum resolution of 1060x500. If you increase browser zoom or display scaling, you are reducing the effective resolution. For example, if you have a 1920x1080 resolution display (sometimes referred to as a Full HD display) and your browser zoom is set to 175%, your effective resolution is 1200x675, which is just above the minimum required resolution for Try Cyber.

Here are some reasons you might see this warning message:

  • Your browser window is too small
  • You are on an unsupported device, like a smartphone (e.g., iPhone, Android, etc.)
  • Your browser zoom level is set too high relative to your screen resolution
  • Your display scaling is set too high relative to your screen resolution
  • The resolution of your monitor is lower than the minimum supported resolution

Q5. Can I use Try Cyber on my tablet?
A5. While some tablets are technically capable of working with Try Cyber, we do not recommend using one. Most tablets use touch screens as their primary input method, which is not a supported input method within the Try Cyber Challenge Workspace. Additionally, most tablets utilize mobile web browsers, which often do not expose their entire screen resolutions for use to web applications, which results in less than ideal or unsupported resolutions for the Try Cyber Challenge Workspace.

Q6. Can I link to Try Cyber from my website?
A6. Yes!

Q7. Can I use Try Cyber for an event or with a large group?
A7. You may do so, but at your own risk. Try Cyber is a best-effort, publicly available service with limited capacity. We do not guarantee its availability or challenge deployment times at any given time.

Q8. Where is Try Cyber available?
A8. Try Cyber is currently only available in the United States and its territories.

Q9. Are there easily shareable and printable versions of the challenge mentor chats I could share with a group or class?
A9. Yes! You can download PDF versions of the challenge mentor chats in our Challenge Mentor Chat Repository.

Q10. Is there an Accessibility Conformance Report (ARC) for Try Cyber?
A10. Yes, please contact support via email at [email protected] to receive an up-to-date ARC for Try Cyber.


Try Cyber only offers asynchronous email-based support. We do not provide live assistance for our service. We will respond to most support emails within two (2) business days (excluding major US holidays).

For support, email us at [email protected].